Wednesday, September 21, 2011

this is my life

When we got married,  we bought ourselves what would most likely be the last extravagant purchase of our lives (okay, the last for a long time).   We bought..... wait for it..... a 37" flat screen TV.   I know,  you're unimpressed.   But this was 2006,  most people we knew still didn't have flat screen TV's.   We paid $1100 for it.  And it's a Westinghouse,  it's not even top of the line.   $1100 was a deal,  it was on sale from $1400.    I don't like to think about what $1100 could get us now for a TV.  

Fast forward 5.5 years and our non state of the art 37" Westinghouse is broken.    By "broken"  I mean "has psychedelic squiggly lines all over the picture".    It renders the stupid thing quite unwatchable.   

We can't afford a new TV.   I know Andrew will wear me down eventually and we will replace it.   We don't have the money to get a good TV,  most likely we will end up spending more money than we have and probably won't get a much bigger screen.  That money is not going to come out of thin air, and quite honestly we don't have it right now.   We just bought a new car!

So we have our computer monitor (which at 21" is quite huge for a computer monitor" hooked up to the cable and that's acting as our TV now.   It's the most pathetic thing I have ever seen.  

And ladies and gegentlemen,  that is my life.

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