Saturday, September 24, 2011

help me decide

Halloween is coming and I have no ideas about costumes.   Her first year she was a pumpkin, a cow, and a cowboy

 Last year she was a bee:

So what about this year?  Her current favorite characters are Dora and Abby Cadabby.  I find costumes for each,  but they have problems.   The Dora one - let's be honest it's a pink shirt and orange shorts,  with a wig.  But we live in New England and it tends to be freezing on Halloween,  and I really don't think she will wear the wig or the back pack.

And the Abby Caddabby one  - but again,  this is New England where it's cold on October 31st.   I guess I could get a size bigger than she needs and put a white long sleeved shirt and leggings underneath it... but that will just look stupid.

And I am back to square one with no ideas.    I like the ones at Old Navy because they seem to geared towards those of us that live north of the equator...  sorry,  Blogger won't let me upload the picture for some reason..  It's times like these that I wish I let her watch more TV to have more options for Halloween... she doesn't even know what a princess is- though I made her watch the royal wedding, natch.   Not that Kate is technically a princess,  but insignificant details bore me
And then I need to find a costume for myself since we are going to a party this year.   I know that most women just use Halloween as an excuse to be supper slutty,  but that's not really how I roll (though I was Britney pre-K-fed my junior year in college complete with my sidekicks Xtina and Eminem - this is one of the rare times I wish digital cameras had been popular when I was in college!),  and no one really wants to see a slutty 30 year old suburban mom.  That's lame.   I need a non-lame, non-slutty,  easy to assemble costume.   A little help?


Cincinnatus said...

I'm stumped on your child's costume, mostly just because it's typically hovering around 85 degrees on Halloween here. I know, I know, suck it Bree!

For you though, how about Flo, the Progressive Agent? It breaks the cardinal rule of wearing white after Labor Day, but it's pretty easy to assemble.

Unknown said...

And, ahhh, obviously that comment isn't from Ian.