Thursday, August 25, 2011

oh what a night

Tonight has not been an easy night in the Casa de O'G. Baby Girl is so whiney. I consider myself to be a fairly easygoing parent, and I'd like to think I have patience when dealing with my toddler. But I cannot stand whining - it goes right through me and sets me on edge. Tonight has been one whiney freak out after another. The only thing that made her stop crying was putting on Dora, so right now the Map is singing his annoying song.

I had to take tomorrow off so I can go down the cape and bring my father's boat to the marina to be pulled, lest hurricane Irene eat it up and spit it out somewhere in Mashpee. Because that's how I like to spend my precious vacation days... And speaking of this stupid hurricane, if I have to drive 60 miles in the remnants of a hurricane on Monday morning, I'm going to lose it. Irene better be somewhere over Maine or the Atlantic at 6am on Monday!

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Andrew said...

Come on, vamanos, everybody lets go! Come on lets get to it! I know that we can do it!

Parents of the year award for sure.