Tuesday, August 23, 2011

a conversation

Mama: Baby Girl, do you want to watch Dora?
Baby Girl: Yes! Dora!

Mama: okay, let me turn it on
Baby Girl (steals remote from Mama): No Mama, I do.

Mama: um... okay
Baby Girl (quietly, to herself, while studying all the buttons): Dora.... Dora.....

Mama: Can I help?
Baby Girl: No Mama, just me

Baby girl them presses 3 buttons on the remote and points it towards the TV. The TV remains blank.

Baby Girl: It's coming on
Mama: well.... can I help?
Baby Girl: no Mama, it's coming on

Mama: well, let me see if I can help
Baby Girl (sighing and letting Mama think that she can help): okay Mama

Mama puts on Dora

Baby Girl: I did it myself!!!


Andrew said...

My byself! My byself!

Meghan said...

no, MY byself!