Friday, August 26, 2011

suck it Irene!

Not that there is ever a good time for a hurricane to come through, but this was a particularly bad time. My father's boat is still in the water, so clearly something needed to be done about that. However my father was not in a position to be able to take today off from work - but I was. So I burned a vacation day to go down the cape to take my father's boat from one harbor to another so it could be pulled and stored for a few days. Sounds easy enough, right?

In theory it was easy. But I also did a ton of work today. I drove to the cape, met my mother at the marina so we could leave a car there. We drove to the harbor where the boat is moored, and I rowed out to the boat, brought the boat back in from the morning (towing the rowboat), but the docks were full of people trying to get their boats out of the water at the public ramp. So I took someone's empty slip, and then rowed the rowboat back to the dock where it belongs. We took the boat to the marina where it was going to be pulled, took everything off the boat and carried it back up to the car. We drove back to where the mooring is so I could properly secure the rowboat. We went to my grandmother's house to take everything, all the outdoor furniture, tables, pool supplies, etc and put it in the garage. We went BACK to get the rowboat, and I rowed from the dock where it is kept, down to the bottom of our street. I pulled it out of the water, dragged it through the marsh, to where my mother was waiting for me with a dolly and we dragged the dolly back up the street to the house (we only had to stop about 5 times to rest - that thing was heavy!) Oh, and I went to Walmart to buy some food and water (no flashlight to be had!) and some more toys for Baby Girl since I think we will be stuck in the house for a few days! I also brought the 5 gallon gas tank up to be filled and then had to carry it back and forth between the car and the pump.

I am EXHAUSTED. This hurricane has kicked my ass and it hasn't even hit North Carolina yet.

And let's review: I own neither a house nor a boat.

I probably should admit that in the middle of the day my mother and I ended up at the yacht club for lunch and to sit on the beach and take a break. And what a break it was, I enjoyed that hour at the beach more than I did any beach trip all summer!!

And after it was all done, I drove back home and was met by my daughter who had a VERY stinky bum. Mama got home just in time to change a diaper! I have the best timing...

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