Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I am so tired.  


Working all day and running for an hour at night is physically exhausting.   Plus there's an early human of the toddler variety who is constantly asking for attention.  And lately there have been meltdowns if she doesn't get exactly what she wants, when she wants it.   Even my mother, who normally spoils her shamefully, admitted that Baby Girl has been "in a mood" lately.   (by "in a mood" I'm pretty sure she means "Satan's spawn").


So I've been tired.


And the Bruins took up a lot of my time lately.  (WHOO!!!  BRUINS!!!!!)


And it's FINALLY summer, which means we're gone a lot, so my house is in a constant state of…. unwholesomeness.  


Did you know I spend 2 hours in a car every day?


I need a vacation.   By myself (or as my daughter would say  'my byself!').  On a beach.  With drinks.   For a week.  (ahem,  if you happen to live where it's warm and you see me sitting in your backyard some day, getting some sun and sipping on a pina collada,  don't be alarmed.  I'm sure I will go home in a day or so)


I need a time out!

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Bree said...

Feel free to stay as long as you like. :)