Wednesday, June 22, 2011

less cranky

well, no, I'm not any less cranky, but I am going to try to come across as being less cranky. It's all about perception!

I may be trying to be less cranky, but I am getting a little scared about the road race. My longest run to date is 4.25 miles. I'm still running between an 11.30 and 12 minute mile so time is of some concern too, but as much as the distance is. I have basically 3 more miles to go before I could even feasibly finish the race. And the begging of this race is extremely hilly. Everyone who has previously run it keeps telling me to practice the hills, they are deadly. I'm trying, but there aren't a lot of hills in my area. So I have anxiety over adding in hills to my workout and getting my workout to at least 6 miles.

In other news, my daughter turns 2 tomorrow. There will be a full post dedicated to that, but for right now, Happy 2nd Birthday Baby Girl!!!!

Baby Girl the day she was born. Isn't her little hospital hat cute? It's covering the unnatural amount of hair she was born with.

Baby Girl at her 1st birthday party, completely disinterested in what is happening around her.

Baby Girl about a month and a half ago, not quite 2. I wish I had a better picture of her close up so you could see her adorable blue eyes and curly hair (born to parents with brown and green eyes and straight hair....). But it's impossible to get a 2 year old to sit still!

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