Monday, June 06, 2011

4 workdays

No, I won't keep a running countdown till the weekend..... or will I?

4 workdays! Till the hotel! and the mini-shampoo! and the tour! and the NO KIDS!

If we were traveling via plan and could visit some airports, I'm pretty sure it would be Nirvana.

Anyway. I'm done now. I know you're all dying of jealousy.

Last Thursday Baby Girl got sick. She threw up sometime during the night and projectile vomited later in the morning. This caused havoc in the Casa de O'G, as my mother is not yet on summer vacation and my father still won't watch her all day (okay, he would, but I know he's very apprehensive about it and I won't ask him unless we literally have no other options). We needed to juggle work schedules, I was already 60 miles away at my desk, the whole thing was a nightmare. Plus - baby girl was sick. That was no fun.

We managed though. She went to school the next day.

dum de dum, live our lives, arrive 1:30 Sunday morning.

Andrew is stricken with the stomach bug. Sunday is less than fun for Mama since she is the sole care giver of the baby girl. Andrew is not feeling well at all, naps a lot, but does pull through at the end of the day. It looks like he will survive, but he had a rough day.

Sunday Sunday Sunday. Mama and Baby Girl.

6:20 Monday morning - Mama is stricken with the stomach bug. But what's that Mama? You took a half day last week to go attend to your child so Andrew could go to work too? Oh right. You know you don't have any personal time left, right? And you've used your sick time? And your boss is cool about emergencies, but you cannot push it since you need your boss to remain cool about emergencies? Right. Go to work then. Have fun on your hour drive in, try not to throw up at your desk - but don't forget you have a meeting at 11 that you are running!


That was today.

I made it through though. And I'm feeling a little better.

Nothing like a working Mama getting the stomach bug at 6:20 in the morning.

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