Friday, May 20, 2011

what a waste

Tonight was a giant fail. Andrew wanted to get out of the house, so I agreed to go to Marshalls so he could look for new sneakers. As it turns out, "go to Marshalls" means "go to Halfway Cafe", which annoyed me to begin with since I really didn't want to go to Halfway. But I digress...

We walked in at the absolute worst time and had to wait 20 minutes. In a bar. With no waiting area. With a toddler who considers sitting still to be a sacrilege. I wanted to tear my hair out.

We were first at the top of the waiting list, but people below us kept getting seated before us since they can only put high chairs at certain tables due to fire laws. Understandable, but no less infuriating by the time the 3rd party got seated in front of us.

My salad was so overpriced at $14 for some lettuce, tomatoes, broccoli, and chicken it was almost laughable. Andrew's rice was cold. I think Baby Girl's french fries and chicken was good... but maybe it wasn't. We will never know since all she did was eat ketchup.

Baby Girl? Yeah, she threw a tantrum at the end of the meal because Andrew wouldn't let her eat the ketchup straight off the plate anymore. That tantrum lasted another 20 minutes. In the parking lot.

She's still crying in her crib.

I have no wine in the house.

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