Monday, May 23, 2011

Here comes the sun

ha ha ha, just kidding. At least if you live in New England, the sun isn't coming any time soon. We did have a brief period of sunshine this past Saturday. Baby Girl was at my parents' house while Andrew and I were running and when we came back we found them on the little porch. It's probably 3 feet wide and 10 feet long. My mother said my girl was running up and down the porch yelling "I outside!! I outside!!". She was giddy when I came back and saw them. The poor kid had been couped up all week, and even though she was cooped up all winter, it was more painful last week. When it's 4 degrees out you don't have a choice but to stay inside. But when it's 50 degrees and you could go outside (play bubbles outside Mama?) except it's raining cats and dogs for the 7th day in a row... well that's just about unbearable. Baby girl now just looks outside and says "no go outside, it's WAINING outside" over and over.

We only have another week of cold and rain. It's cool, I've only been counting the days to Memorial Day since February...

sad panda.

After the winter and spring that we have had, we better have 90 and sunny every day in July.

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