Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I don't know why the previous post has such big font. I suppose I could fix it, if I played around with it for a minute. Don't hold your breath.

Yesterday I ran in the pouring rain. That's the second time this week I ran in the pouring rain - I'm over it. There was nothing good about yesterday's run. I struggled through my intervals, I was cold and then hot and then cold again, I was wet, I dropped my iPhone in a puddle (seems to be working now though, THANK GOD - that would be $200 to replace!), in general I just felt awful. When I got home my shins started to really hurt - they feel better today, but just in case, I am taking today off completely. It was already a day off from running, but it's going to be a day off from any type of exercise at all. I can't get shin splints now. I feel a little bad about this because I just took Saturday off from exercising, but it is what it is. I cannot be injured with only 12 and a half weeks (wow, that's a maternity leave) until the race. I'm still running intervals and less than 2 miles total, I have to get to 7.2 miles.

I'm having a "OH MY GOD WHAT DID I DO" reaction to the race right now. Hopefully when the sun comes out again and I have another good run I will be in a better place.

In other, kind-of-related-but-not-really, news - I'm having hot coffee today because it is so cold and I am freezing. I will not turn on the heat on May 18th, so I have to deal with the cold.

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