Tuesday, May 17, 2011

support your library!

It's been established that I have the Longest Commute In The World.   Or it's an hour.  However you want to think of it.   Some days I'm fine with it and there days I fantasize about driving down the median backwards just to break up the monotony.   It could be worse, it may be 65 miles, but I never hit traffic.   It's all highway driving, and my little Corolla gets phenomenal gas mileage – the last time I filled up, I got 38 mpg.  38! 


But still – it's a long drive.   I currently owe about $10 in fines to my library so I can't get my books on tape.   I'm morally opposed to paying library fines.  I've considered using Andrew's card so I can get some more books on tape, but then I would just have 2 fines that I'm morally opposed to paying.  Le sign, it's such a conundrum.    I don't buy books*.  I don't understand why anyone who has access to a public library buys their books.    Even if I did buy books, I doubt I would buy audio books, they are crazy expensive. 


So what's my point?  I have a long commute,  no audio books,  and Josh and Chuck only post 2 SYSK podcasts a week.


I'm getting to the end of my rope with my commute again.  



* okay, I do buy some books.   I own all the Harry Potter series for example.   But about 90% of the books I read are from the library. 

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