Monday, May 16, 2011


Me (singing): To the windows.... to the wall!
BG: Mama?
Me: Yes darling daughter?
BG: Stop it.

oh. okay. I guess she inherited her father's dislike for my singing.

The lottery results from the drawing for a number in the Falmouth Road Race were announced today. I saw a bunch of posts about it on facebook and I checked my email too - nothing. I called Andrew and told him I didn't think I got picked - and I was kind of okay with it, since it's a really hard race for a beginner, but I was a little afraid that I wouldn't stay motivated. He said we'll find another race, a 5K (instead of the 7.2 miles of Falmouth) and we'd stay motivated. We hung up, I went back to work and literally 5 minutes after we hung up, my phone buzzed with a new email. I picked it up and almost deleted it without reading it since 95% of my email is spam and then I saw that it was from marathon something or other. Hmmm.... I opened it and saw that someone was charging my debit card the exact amount of the entry fee to Falmouth.

Okay... so either I got into Falmouth or someone stole my credit card information and then told me about it.

I went to the official Falmouth Road Race website, search for my name and there you go.

I am running 7.2 miles UP HILL on August 14th. Okay so it's not fully uphill - but it's mostly uphill, I swear. In the 24 years that I have regularly been spending time in Falmouth I have never so much as walked up that hill. It's ginormous. I tried to google it so I can show all y'all how huge it is, but there's no good picture on google images. Probably because the hill is so big you can literally couldn't get it in one shot.

I'm never going to make it to the finish! I told Andrew that if I don't cross the finish line after a few hours to come find me - I will have stopped at the beach and will be taking a nap.

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