Sunday, March 27, 2011

one of those days

My shopping trip this morning was an epic fail.

Here was my dilemma - Baby Girl cannot be riding in a car after 11:30 in the morning, because she will fall asleep. And if she falls asleep in the car, she will not nap. And if she doesn't nap, she makes life awful after 3pm. Andrew isn't here today to help, so I really wanted her to nap. But I needed to go to Target, Stop and Shop, and Stride Rite. Stride Rite is in the opposite direction of Target and Stop and Shop, by about 25 minutes. I didn't want her in the car all morning either, because she gets really restless, and I can't blame her. I thought and thought and thought and it finally came to me: Stride Rite may not be near Stop and Shop, but it is near Whole Foods! I can just run into Whole Foods and get what we absolutely need (my 2nd mortgage hasn't been approved so I can't afford a full shop at Whole Foods) and then run into Stride Rite and take advantage of the their BOGO sale! Wooo! Mama is so smart!

We went into Whole Foods and did our thing - I got about half of what I needed because that store makes no sense and I can't find anything. Then we strolled down to Stride Rite. Jokes on me, it doesn't open till 11 and it was only 10:30. It was also about 30 degrees, so I couldn't even walk around Legacy Place window shopping and passing the time. So to au bon pan I went. Baby Girl and I split a blueberry muffin (read: I ate an entire blueberry muffin) and she watched You Tube videos of Elmo and Beaker. We finally go down to Stride Rite, I get her back out of the stroller, and we measure her foot.

It's the SAME size that's she's wearing now.


We bought those shoes in November! According to "them", her foot is supposed to go up a size every 3 month! She's gone up one full size since last August. She "should" be up 2.5 sizes.

I could have to gone to Stop and Shop and actually went food shopping! Instead I went out of my way to get to Stride Rite since I figured she's been wearing the same shoe for 4 months, she's got to need new ones.

Of course her feet will grow next month when Stride Rite isn't having a sale. And I still haven't gone to Stop and Shop or Target.

I am woe.


Cincinnatus said...

why not just buy the next size up so you have them at the ready when she needs them? don't let a good sale go to waste!

Meghan said...

I tried!! They were out of the next size up on every single pair of shoes I picked. It was NOT my day.

Cincinnatus said...

And, obviously, for some reason, I can't sign Ian out of my computer. This, and the previous comment were me, Bree!!