Saturday, January 08, 2011

Who knew?

Today started out so innocently. Baby Girl slept till 7:30 - and surprisingly so did I. We got her up, had breakfast, gathered up our laundry and hit the road. Off to my parents house to do laundry and visit with the family.

Oh, and it was snowing. (NOMING!)

The roads? Not plowed. To say the driving was bad is an understatement. They were awful.

Did you know that I drive a Toyota Corolla? They don't have 4 wheel drive.

We slipped and slid all the way to my parents house.

We slid into 2 snowbanks on the way. I reminded Andrew to drive slowly.

He didn't listen to me.

I reminded him AGAIN to drive slowly as we entered a pretty sharp corner and he was going 35mph. On snowy roads. In a Corolla. With is baby daughter in the back seat.

Too late! (too fast?).

skid skid skid

slip slip slip


Head first into a big rock at 35mph.

I can report the seatbelt did its job. I did not fly into the windshield. But damn, that seatbelt hurt my shoulder.

Baby girl is fine. Didn't even notice anything was wrong.

My car? Well.... my car is at the body shop, waiting for its prognosis. It's 7 years old and has 117 thousand miles on it. It can be totaled for not a lot of money. I can't have that car be totaled. I cannot afford car payments right now.

And now I'm the lucky driver of a rented Chevy HHR.

What's a Chevy HHR? Why it's hands down the ugliest vehicle to ever roll off an assembly line.

My rental is red though. I so won that rental lottery!

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The Accidental Blogger said...

That looks like a bastardized cousin of a PT Cruiser, can't imagine its a joy to drive.