Thursday, January 06, 2011


things I don't like:

1. eating healthy
2. not eating fried food
3. bringing my lunch from home and eating it
4. not talking Andrew into getting take out
5. getting up at 5am to go to the gym
6. working out at the gym at the crack of dawn (literally - I get there before the sun comes up)
7. getting up every 5 minutes to use the loo because I'm constantly drinking water
8. getting massive headaches on the daily because my bodily is withdrawing from carbs and sugar
9. not being able to snack on anything I want whenever I want
10. having to care about things like "fat content" and "carbohydrates" and "protein"

things I do like

1. not feeling bloated all the time
2. eating a lot of fruit (I love fuit, but I generally don't buy it in the winter because of the astronomical prices... I've learned to watch for sales!)
3. saving money by not buying my lunch at work (can we say new dress for my 5th anniversary/30th birthday weekend??)
4. Not feeling like I'm going to be sick after eating an Italian sub
5. Getting home from work knowing I don't have to think about working out, because I already did
6. going to bed early because I got up so early! (I love going to bed!)
7. my skin is looking better (more even skin tone) because of all the water I've been drinking
8. weaning my body from its sugar and carb addiction - life is so much easier when you don't need carbs with every meal
9. not constantly having the feeling of being stuffed
10. how easy tracking my food is with a smart phone!

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