Wednesday, January 05, 2011


I have the lyrics from Everclear's "I will buy you a new life" running through me head. Why? I don't know. I haven't heard that song in years.

I will buy you a new life
perfect shiny and new

that song is really depressing if you think about the lyrics. Which I can honestly say I have never done before today.

Anyway, back to 2011.

Andrew bought us a new house phone last night because our other one died. This one is snazzy and has orange lights. It's main selling point is that it only cost $20. And given that we only use our house phone when I am working from home, even $20 seems a bit much for a phone.

And to end my random ramblings, Baby Girl had a bad drop off this morning at daycare. She saw me leaving and freaked out. I know that in 5 minutes she was fine, and that if I had gone back inside I would have made it worse. But there is nothing worse than leaving your child crying. Even if you know that they will be okay. Baby Girl LOVES school and her friends and is always talking about them. I know she's happy there, and I know she just freaked out because she saw me leave. But that doesn't make it easier.

Unfortunately, we did NOT win megabucks last night, so I will continue to be a working mother for the foreseeable future... dammit

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