Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Well that was an action packed Thanksgiving!

All I did for 5 straight days was eat and drink. By Sunday night I wanted to crawl into bed and never get up. But it was a really fun weekend.

And tonight we have Rudolph and The Grinch on TV... which means it's Christmas time! yay!

And on a non holiday note, I won a raffle at work which yielded me a new iPod nano. I am now the owner of a classic iPod, an iPhone, an iPod shuffle, and an iPod Nano!

Guess how often I listen to any of them.



I would if I had an input in my car to listen to such a device, but apparently they weren't considering iPods in 2003 when my little car was manufactured. I am able to rock out to tapes though, because apparently people still needed tape decks in 2003. That one gets a big DER to Toyota!

And the Nano has a video camera in it, which my iPhone does not - I have a really old iPhone. So I'm pretty excited about that. Because I'm hopeful that I will not only keep my nano charged, but also have it with me and at the ready when Baby Girl does something cute.


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