Wednesday, September 08, 2010

4 years

I started this blog shortly after I got married, which makes it a little over 4 years old. I've actually been blogging regularly for 5 years, but my first blog was on Friendster and has since been deleted. Lesson learned: keep your blog and social networking site du jour separate.

The fact that I have had this blog for so long is part of what keeps me going. I have a history of my past 4 years. A partial history, at least. I do actually keep some parts of my life off the interwebz. A small part, anyway.

October 2006 is my worst blogging month ever. 3 posts. Really? 3 posts? That's all I could manage? lame. I want to go back and kick my October 2006's ass. No excuse.

My most active month was December 2009. Apparently having a 6 month old did not stop me from being a blogging fiend!

4 years on Blogger. Yuck. I don't actually like Blogger, but finding a new platform and then archiving all my old posts is much too daunting a task. Maybe I'll stay on Blogger another 4 years and see if it gets any better!

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