Thursday, September 09, 2010

dinner time!

How to eat dinner, by Baby Girl:

Make sure you inspect everything that is put on your tray. Trust no one.

If your Mama tells you that you eat applesauce with a SPOON, not a FORK, definitely do not believe her. She is the same woman who tells you that diaper changes aren't a big deal. She cannot be trusted.

When the fork doesn't work with the applesauce, do not give in. Your hand will suffice. Never use the spoon! Just hold it to appease your parents. NEVER USE IT.

Try to slurp every last morsel of applesauce off your hands

Don't eat anything else, other than applesauce.

If you follow all the rules, VICTORY WILL BE YOURS!!

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The Accidental Blogger said...

If blogger had a "Like" button, I'd use that now. Great post, very cute pictures.