Wednesday, September 22, 2010

12 years ago today, it was raining. It was an awful, wet, dreary, raw fall day. It had been an awful, dreary, wet and raw fall night as well, and there were puddles in the roads in addition to the falling rain.

I was a senior in high school.

I was actually in my campus ministry elective class and my teacher was called away for an important meeting.

She didn't come back to the class room.

20 minutes later, half the teachers were called to the principle's office.

20 minutes later other half were called.

My teacher came back, visibly upset, and made us pray with her (Catholic school)

We thought the Pope had died (this would have been John Paul II)

We thought maybe the president had been assassinated. (this was pre 9/11, and we didn't even know to fear terrorist attacks from Al-Queda)

We were called back to homeroom. My homeroom teacher, one of 2 men teaching at the school was in tears.

He read from a piece of paper and told us that 3 of our classmates were killed on the way to school .

A 4th was in critical condition.

There was a girl in my homeroom who had been in that carpool, but now she was a senior and drove her own car. She had to be led out of the room.

Classes were canceled. Parents came to collect their daughters just to make sure they were still alive.

I had driven to school that day, but I was late and I had to park in the parking lot that is far away from school. My track coach had to escort me to my car to shield me from the news vans.

It didn't matter, I saw myself on the 4:00 news.

That day sucked.

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