Friday, July 23, 2010

June Cleaver, I am not

I cannot keep my house clean. Or I should say, we cannot keep our house clean. I know what you're saying... "it's well documented on the interwebz that you live in 881 SF. That can fit in my living room. How hard could it possibly be to keep 881 SF clean??". To that I say:

Eff. You.

It's hard, okay? I leave my house at 6:20 and I get home by 5:20. And then it's all about my baby until she goes to bed. Though I have to say, she'd much rather me leave her alone at times. She's always giving me a look that says "Mama, you have no idea how hard and busy my life is. Today at school we blew bubbles AND painted pictures. You just don't get it.". To that I say:


But, alas, someone has to earn the money. So between working and caring for my child, the cleaning just doesn't get done. I've seriously considered on many many occasions getting a cleaning lady because I just don't have the time, but then I feel stupid for not being able to keep a condo the size of some people's living rooms clean. I feel like this is a huge character flaw. I've also thought about some sort of sticker chart and when I get all my stickers then I get a prize. I feel like that might work. I like stickers and prizes. And clean houses.


Bree said...

Get a cleaning lady. DOOOOOOOO IT. Trust me, you'll love it. Typically, they charge by square footage, so it probably won't be too expensive. (I was trying to say that politely enough...did it work?)

Meghan said...

but what if the cleaning lady judges me for being unable to keep this place clean?!?!