Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I have expensive hobbies. The real money sucker is scrapbooking. You can't actually do a nice book with scraps, as the name would lead you to believe. Oh no - that would look awful. You must spend money on nice paper and cute embellishments and Cricuts and all of that fancy stuff. I tend to collect what I need in a piecemeal fashion, so I don't really know how much money I spend. My guess is each book costs me around $100 (and that doesn't include the cost of the Cricut or the cartridges). I've never really figured it out and I don't ever want to do so. I don't need to know.

But I can't help thinking about it when I get an email from Shutteryfly reminding me that my 50 free prints expires today. So of course I order the rest of my prints that I need to finish up Baby Girl's 1st year scrapbook (which was conveniently 50 prints!) and I end up paying $5 for them. Yup, $5 for 50 free prints. Between shipping and tax, they need $5 from me to give me my free prints. Seems like a rip off somehow.

I also need to go to Michael's and buy more pages for the scrapbook and maybe some more pretty embellishments.... did I say an average of $100 per book?? I think I'm kidding myself.

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