Wednesday, June 02, 2010

June Gloom

There actually is no gloom here. But I was reminded about the vacation my family took to LA in June a few years ago. I have never been so cold in June in my life. We finally asked a waitress about it, and she said it was the "June gloom" and it happens every year. Warm Southern California, MY BUM. A few years later when I went back to San Diego, it was 4.2 trillion degrees out, so I will accept that they have heat spells. But I'll never be convinced it's warm year round.

Also? That vacation? Yeah, we went to the Nixon library instead of Disney World. Lame.

But we did go to Universal, and that was fun. And my family humored me and took a "tour of the stars homes". Ii can't believe they did it. But we saw Clint Eastwood, so there you go.

I really have no idea where all this is coming from.


Bree said...

It definitely is not warm year-round. June Gloom (and May Gray) is very real, and very uncool. And for the record, (because I believe it actually still a standing record) when you were here is the hottest I have ever known it to be.

Meghan said...

May Gray! Yuck. I suppose it's better than winter that lasts 6 months though.