Thursday, June 17, 2010

Beat LA! (no, this time, really - it's your last chance)

Yesterday my friends and I played hooky (okay, so one of them is a stay at home Mom, one was already on vacation, one legitimately had the day off, and I used a vacation day) to go Six Flags. I had never been to Six Flags - I had been once when it was still Riverside, but I hadn't been since Six Flags took over. I did NOT ride Superman (which, by the way, isn't called Superman anymore. It's the same roller coaster, but it's painted purple and now it's called Bizzaro), but I did ride almost all the other roller coasters. I get motion sickness on any rides that spin, but I can do roller coasters.

There are two old wooden rollercoasters there. Those are my favorite. I love how they are rickety, the sound of the carts rolling around wooden frames, the fact that there's really nothing holding the carts on the track, I just love wooden rollercoasters. Don't get me wrong, I was a big fan of the newer ones too, but there's something about the old fashioned wooden ones that were built in the 1920's, and you can never be quite sure if the wood is completely rotten and you are going to fall to your death...

One of the few non-roller coasters that I could do was "Scream", which is one of those elevator type rides where you are shot up to the top of a tower and then they have you free fall back down. I enjoy those rides too, but my god - I honestly thought I was going to die. I've never been on one that was so tall. During the last free fall, which you fall from the very top to the very bottom, I screamed "OH MY GOD" over and over and over, and I think I was still screaming after it had stopped. I got off and I was trembling all over. The next ride was Superman which I did not go on, but I was still trembling from Scream when my friends got off it. And they had to wait awhile to get on it.

Oh, I'll go back on it if I ever get back to Six Flags. If I stop shaking before that.

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