Monday, June 21, 2010

Beat LA! (in 2011)

oh well, maybe next year

Lately I have been finding myself with long stretches of time without internet access. Seriously... are we living in 1994 or something? (okay, am I living in 1994, since I am the one who can't get on the information superhighway?) My blog is suffering and I don't like it.

We took baby girl to the beach this weekend. She loved it! She did NOT love the sand, but as long as we kept her on a chair or on a towel and made sure the pesky sand didn't touch anything that she would also touch, we were good to go. She even loved putting her chubby legs in the water. She's going to be a beach bum like her Mama! I hope that, unlike her Mama, she doesn't forget to put sunblock on her back and get an awful burn. I was so paranoid about not letting her get any sun, I forgot about my self. Stooooopit Meghan.

1 year ago I was pregnant. I can only say that for 1 more day, because my Baby Girl turns one on Wednesday! I wonder if I have to change her blog name...

On to more random things, has anyone else noticed that there are more terrible drivers out there than normal? Twice in the past 24 hours I have had to swerve and slam on my brakes because people decide to take lefts in front of me. Last time I checked (and, it's my job to check), cars going straight have the right of way, and cars turning left have to yield to oncoming traffic! STOP DRIVING LIKE MANIACS!!

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