Wednesday, April 07, 2010


Random: the ads on my blog have been about drug addiction since I put up my previous post. To the Google Gods: I have only been taking OTC motrin and tylenol, and legally prescribed percoset, which made me so sick I stopped taking them. You don't have to worry about me anymore. Thanks.

We had an okay Easter this year - actually being at my brother-in-law's house was fine, but the ride up and back were nightmares. We had to pull off the highway to console a hysterical baby (who declined to nap that day) on the way up, and we hit traffic on every single road we were on during the ride back. And there were some other issues on the way back, but I said I wasn't going to talk about that anymore. So I'm not. BUT DAMN, IT HURT (thought it was the last REALLY painful moment. Oh... I'm talking about it again... right... ending now)

Here are a few Easter pictures.

The Easter Bunny came!! He brought me presents!!! I have a ball!!!

If that Easter Bunny thinks by giving me a nifty package of hair elastics means I will sit still and let my mother put my hair in a ponytail, he can think again. I don't care how fun it is to eat this package, I WILL NOT WEAR A PONYTAIL!!!

But.... is that it? No more presents??

It's okay, Baby Girl. Your birthday is in 11 weeks. You'll get more presents then. Mama has to go sob into her pillow over the fact that you will be a year old in 11 weeks. Excuse me.

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