Monday, April 05, 2010

Break on through...

I have been extraordinarily grumpy over the past week, due to this wisdom teeth extraction FAIL that has been going on. The pain has seriously been worse than childbirth. For labor I was in active labor for about 6 hours and made it to 10cm with zero narcotics. For this experience I was in active hellish pain for 7 days and made it zero hours with no pain killers. At the end of labor, I got an adorable baby girl! At the end of this hell, I get to do it again! So yeah, worse than childbirth.

But - the pain is getting better, and my mood is improving. To anyone who had to deal with me over the past week, I truly apologize for my grumpy outlook on life. I was in so much pain and so sick from the percosets that I'm sure I was an absolute nightmare to be around. It's times like this I am truly thankful for the man I married! He took such great care of me and put up with my nasty outlook on life for a week. Thanks babe!

Oh. My. GOD. The percosets. Medication has never made me sick. Not even the first time I took percosets - after my surgery when I broke my arm. Wasn't sick. But those percosets... I took them Monday and Tuesday and it was fine. On Wednesday they started to make me sick. By Friday they were making me so sick, I honestly wanted someone to put me in a medically induced coma to get away from the pain and the dizziness, nausea, wooziness, and headache brought on my pain medicine. It was such a joy for all involved.

But, this is a new week, the pain is diminishing, the sickness is gone, and I'm done complaining about it. I'm sick of it myself! I can only imagine everyone around me is sick of it too.

New topic:

All these earthquakes - is that normal? I'm no expert in seismology (is that even the correct word?), but something isn't seeming right. Is it because the quakes are hitting highly populated areas that we are hearing all about them right now - or is this just another sign that the world is coming to an end? Does anyone know if this is normal or not, and care to weigh in on the matter? I'm curious. Should I be working on my bucket list, even though I don't care for the term "bucket list"?

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