Wednesday, March 10, 2010

This, I cannot fathom.

Serious, chronic, debilitating exhaustion has set in. Last night I was asleep by 9:30, and when BG started coughing up a lung at 11, I was in such a deep sleep I truly believed it was the middle of the night. It took my brain a few minutes just to make any sense of the situation.

My question to the universe is - how THE EFF is it only Wednesday? I'm not sure I can make it through 2 more days.

Is 7:42pm too early to go to bed?

Also, completely off topic, I stumbled across something so befuddling today that I cannot keep it to myself. Short backstory - I read a blog that I despise. I truly believe this particular blog is one of the worst I have ever read. I read it just to see if the author can possibly write a worse post. And he does, every day. So today I was poking around on his blog, and I see that he's offering consulting services. For no less than $5000 (yes, five thousand dollars) he will:

- Focus on exactly what is most important, creating blog content
- Enjoy stress free blog ownership
- Become recognized as a leader in your niche
- Extend your reach through Social networks

And that's not all. He'll even put a custom header on it!

Um..... WHAT? So he'll create a wordpress blog on your own domain (something that is FREE, by the way. Well it's free through wordpress, you have to pay $10 a year to GoDaddy. Also, the OG household is currently looking into this which is why my blog hasn't moved yet), and tell you to put links to your blog on twitter and facebook. Hmmm... and that is worth $5000? Oh yes, the header. Well.... I have a different header every month. And I don't pay anyone to do it. My blog doesn't cause me stress. If it did cause me stress, I wouldn't have it. Honestly, whose blog causes them stress?

I have decided I will also charge $5000 to create a blog for someone. You may sign up in the comment section.


Bree said...

Clearly, my blog(s) cause me no stress, hence the infrequency of my posts. I like to think, however, that when I do post, it's concise, hard-hitting, and interesting. (Please let me continue thinking this way, and say nothing to indicate otherwise.)

Meghan said...

You give me $5000 I will say and believe anything you want me to