Monday, March 08, 2010

Peas please!

For the first time the three of us sat down for dinner at the same time. Place mats, serving dishes, the whole shebang. Of course dinner consisted of shake and bake chicken and steamed veggies, but no one said it had to be fancy. I had to force feed peas into my child... she was ever so appreciative. Why are kids born with a hatred of peas? These were nice sugar snap peas! I even shelled them for her! I even explained to her that there are children in Haiti that would love those peas. She still did not care. I fear this may be a lifelong battle. I will win though. Because I am the mother. And I happen to enjoy steamed sugar snap peas.

Also, my baby was extremely cranky today. I think we have to add a late nap into the day. This could be tricky....

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