Friday, March 05, 2010

Well that sucked

I had my consult this morning for my wisdom teeth. All 4 have to come out, though they will probably only be able to do 2 at a time. Oh joy of joys. And to make it that much better, I had to schedule this for a Monday, which means I have to take at least 2 sick days. If I could have done it on a Friday, I could have had the whole weekend to convalesce. Why can things never work out for me? And the last time I got an IV was when I was in labor and the IDIOT nurse (the one bad one I had in the entire process) couldn't find a vein and "blew up" 2 of them (her words, not mine) and my entire right hand was green and bruised for 2 weeks. I still can see the marks where she tried, 8 months later. I need a stupid IV for the stupid drugs that they are going to give me. Oh no, I can't be completely knocked out, they only partially knock you out.

I'm not looking forward to this process.

Totally different topic: It's pretty obvious that Andrew and I are the best parents in the world. Last night, BG woke up twice. She never ever ever wakes up at night (I think she might be getting her 3rd tooth) so this was a rarity. I got up first and rocked her back to sleep. A few hours later she woke up again and I kicked Andrew until he got up with her. Then she woke up for the day around 7ish. This is the conversation that followed:

BG: whiiiiiine! whiiiiiiine!!! WHIIIIIIINE!
Andrew: I think someone wants her Mama!
Me: Really? I'm hearing "Daddy"
Andrew: No, that's definitely "I want my Mama"
Me: hmm.... nope. Daddy
Me: Maybe she will stop
BG: whiiiine! Whiiiiiiiiine!

That went on for about 10 minutes when Andrew finally got up to get her (I knew she was saying "Daddy! Come get me!"). I rolled over to get some more sleep, but then Andrew put the baby on top of me and left the room. How rude!

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The Accidental Blogger said...

Huh, when I had my wisdom teeth out they pretty much put me out. I supposedly was responsive but damned if I remember any of it.