Saturday, March 13, 2010

I am young. And cool. And hip

And in my young, cool, and hip glory I am an avid scrapper (one who makes scrapbooks). No, that does NOT make me a lame suburbanite mom. I am YOUNG AND COOL AND HIP!

Anyway, last night was No Fee No Frills workshop at my friend's Creative Memory consultant's house. While I do like the Creative Memory products, I don't normally scrap with them. They are extremely expensive and I'm more of a Target and Michael's scrapbook supply girl. But once a month this woman has her free workshop, which is basically just a nice space to work on your projects with no distractions. Obviously she does tell you what's new with Creative Memories, but she doesn't push and there's no pressure to buy.

Of course I managed to find $25 worth of stuff that I cannot live without. Good thing I went last night because I may not have known I needed that stuff! And bonus - I got 3 more pages done in Summer's book.

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