Wednesday, March 31, 2010

rain = evil?

This rain has got to stop. While no one in my immediate family is in danger of flooding I'm still so done with this rain. It's terrible and so depressing. At least this time around, I slept through most of the bad weather. It just makes everyone tired and grumpy. I'm so done!

Next topic. I do not currently own a jogging stroller (through I frequently search Craig's List for one). My brother does have one. For some reason I cannot convince him to let me have it this summer. He claims he "needs" it and will be "using it himself". I say those excuses are not good enough. I NEED one and he HAS one. So why can't his be mine? Because he has a child of his own? (and will have a second this summer?). Because he wants it at his own house? Crap, I say. crap!

Okay, so he might have valid points. That, however, does not put a jogging stroller in my parents garage in Falmouth! I'm thinking I may need to step up the Craig's List search. East Falmouth is not known for its smooth sidewalks and I need a jogging stroller down there to go for any type of walk.

And it WILL stop raining at some point this year. I can feel it. We will go outside again!

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