Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Andrew's little guest post was not approved by me. He broke into my blog and went to town! But I'll keep it up; he made good points. I don't know why, but every doctor's appointment I go to - I always have to wait. ALWAYS. Yesterday was the worst, but it always happens!

So yeah... yesterday sucked. I couldn't get all 4 out because of one nasty root that was wound about a nerve and it took an hour to get it out. Now I have to get the other two out in a few months once they are sure there are no side effects from it. I can already feel and move everything I should be able to feel and move, so I'm not worried at all.

Andrew was very good to me yesterday and took great care of me. It was so hard to have the baby home last night and not be able to play with her, but hopefully I'll be back to my regular self tonight. I feel awful guilt over the fact that she is at daycare today and I am home laying on the couch. Rationally I know I cannot take care of her like this, so if she didn't go, Andrew would have to take the day off. I know it is in her best interest safety wise to send her. But sending a child to daycare when her Mama is at home is not right!

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The Accidental Blogger said...

You had your wisdom teeth out-you need to be resting/recovering. I'm sure could you explain this to Summer, she would understand. Hope that you feel better.