Friday, February 05, 2010

How not to run a small business

There is a really good family owned small pizza/sub/calzone place in town that we frequent. The kind of shop that is in every town and they make much better food than D'Angelos, Subway, Pizza Hut, Domino's, etc. The place you've been to a million times in your life.

Andrew is away tonight, and it's just me and the baby. And the baby's been in bed for an hour. I started getting hungry so I called my favorite local pizza shop, ordered a sub and put it on the credit card. The 16 year old kid came to deliver my sub and I bounced downstairs with his $3 tip in hand. He gave me my food, I gave him the tip and I turned around to go my merry way.

HA! Joke's on me!

The kid asked me if I had paid with a credit card - I said yes. He said he didn't have a slip, and he needed to call them. So I stood there in the hall holding my food while he called. He talked to someone on the phone, asked for the last 4 digits of my card, and continued his discussion with the man on the other end of the phone. He then hung up and said that they had no record of my card and I could pay in cash or I could give the food back.


I already paid!!! And if I had the cash in the first place I would have paid in cash! I told the kid I didn't have the cash and I told him that if I was charged for this food I would be LIVID. I made it a point to emphasize that I knew it wasn't his fault and I wasn't mad at him, but I had to say something. I could not believe what had just happened. I gave the girl who answered the phone my card information. She repeated it back to me. She asked for the expiration date. I gave it to her. And then they tried to imply that I never paid????


I let the kid keep the $3. It wasn't his fault and he was at most 17. So I turned around and walked back upstairs without my food. I was shaking I was so angry. I called them up and yelled at the girl I originally spoke with. She said that she had gone through their credit card orders and she was positive my card wasn't there and I wouldn't be charged for it. I was a little meaner to her because it WAS her fault, but in the end she was probably only 17 or 18 too. The person I wanted to get on the phone was the person who owns the place who was the one who told the kid to basically take my food away. I know who he is, he's the older Greek guy who is always there. I could hear him talking on the cell phone.

There's a competing pizza/sub place literally across the street. After I hung up with the Worst Family Run Small Business Ever, I called them. I had to make sure they would let me put a tip on my card since the original delivery boy had my last $3 and I ordered my dinner from them.

If they get here and tell me that I can't have my food because they messed up my order, heads are going to roll!!

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