Monday, December 28, 2009

I love naptime

It's not even naptime for me, but I still love it. Andrew and Baby Girl are asleep right now. I started to pick up the house, but I only got as far as picking up the baby's toys. Then I decided that just because I'm not asleep doesn't mean I need to be the only one working!

As I mentioned previously, I got a Cricut for Christmas (I got the smaller one, which a good size for my needs). If you aren't into scrapbooking, a Cricut is a "personal electronic cutting machine" which means that it will cut out letters, numbers, shapes, etc for you. It's tremendously useful, but oh so expensive. And now that I have it, I need to start getting better cartridges for it. Each cartridge retails for around $90, and coupons ALWAYS exclude Cricut accessories. You can find them on e-bay for as little as $25, and up to $50. It's going to take me a while to get all the cartridges I want, but now I've given Andrew an easy out for all gift buying occasions - there will always be another cartridge that I need!

I really need to get going on Baby Girl's scrapbook, I only have 4 pages done, and that only goes through her first week! The next pages that I need to do are the 4th of July pages, but I don't have any embellishments for the 4th. Which means I need to find the money for that, and then make the page.

Why can't I have a cheap hobby?

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