Sunday, December 27, 2009

and breathe...

Wow, that was quite a Christmas. Baby Girl is certainly loved, she has so much stuff now! Sesame St characters, a ton of Fisher Price toys, dolls, books, stacking and nesting toys... we have it all! We actually have so many toys that now we need to run out and get a toy box for the living room. By "toy box", I mean "Rubbermaid container", but what are you going to do? A regular sized toy box will take up too much room in our undersized condo. You know you had a good Christmas when your parents now have to figure where to put all your new toys!

Andrew and I are not huge New Years Eve people, which is good because we don't have a babysitter and can't go out. We would have gone to Keene and had Andrew's parents babysitter, but they went down to Virginia for the week. Right now our plan is to put the baby to bed, watch The Hangover (because we are the last two people on earth that haven't seen it) and go to bed after we watch the ball drop. I normally don't watch the ball drop, but since my parents will be at Times Square this year (yup... you read that correctly) I might try to watch.

Other than that, it's back to business as usual. Kind of a sad thought :(

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Bree said...

Ian and I are holding out for the title of Last People to Have Seen The Hangover. And clearly, the best NYE is one that involves Little Purple Hands. There can be no other.