Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I have gone back and forth on deciding whether or not to post this. I've started writing it and dented it more times than I can count. How personal do I want to get on this blog? I won't even put my daughter's name on it (though that's mainly because she has an uncommon name and I don't need crazy people knowing it!). Though her name is on facebook, so I don't really know what I am accomplishing by keeping her Baby Girl on here.

I'm digressing.

Anyway, I've decided to bite the bullet and let the interwebz in on my personal 2010 goal. Not that I feel like you need to know everything about me, but here it is.

I'm chubby.

Wait, you already knew that :) And I'm not that big, just bigger than I should be. When I realized that I had lost all my baby weight, but I was still heavier than I probably should be, I knew something had to change. My doctor is fine with my weight, but agrees it could be less than what it is. I just want to wear nice clothes again and not feel like an elephant.

So here it REALLY is. No tangents this time: I am going to be UBER LAME, and start weight watchers again on January 1. I don't have they money to go to meetings, but I will be doing it online.

Fear not, this blog will still be as pointless as it always has been. It won't be a specific weight loss blog any more than it is a "mommy blog". Of course it never could be a mommy blog, because I am not Mommy. I am Mama. And later I fully expect to be Mum. But I'll spell it Mom.

Digressing again

Weight Watchers starting Friday. I do not expect this will be easy, but I am giving myself a good bit of time to get it done. I want to buy a nice outfit to go on vacation at the end of June. I also have to be able to wear a white shirt for a family photo shoot by then (and can someone explain to my in-laws the "coordinating outfits" idea instead of the "matchy matchy" outfits for said picture?? We will look so much better if we do it MY way!!) I haven't work a white shirt since I was 15 and 100 pounds soaking wet.

If you want to join me, feel free. I will probably post total pounds lost every weigh in day. I say "probably" because I most likely will not want people to know when I've cheated and haven't lost any weight.

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