Saturday, June 13, 2009

Flame Free Friday! err... Saturday

okay, yes, it's Saturday - but it is still really early! So it's almost Friday!

I worked all day yesterday, then about 20 minutes after I got home we went to see Star Trek, and after that I could barely keep my eyes open for an episode of Royal Pains. Blogging sadly fell to the wayside, but here I am at 5:50 am on Saturday morning trying to make up for it.

My Friday confessions:

* My productivity at work has been .... well ... diminishing. At a rapid pace. And depending on when the baby comes, I could still have 9 days to go!

* In continuing with my trend of not eating dinner, I had popcorn at the movies last night. I haven't had dinner in almost 2 weeks. I wonder if I will ever eat dinner again

* I'm mourning the fact that I will not be down the cape much this summer. Having an early summer baby is great, except for that. And I plan on telling her how much she messed up my summer when she is old enough to understand. And feel the proper amount of guilt.

1 comment:

Andrew said...

I plan on telling her immediately. Her life wouldn't be complete without the proper amount of guilt from any early age anyway...