Sunday, June 14, 2009

Castle Island

Yesterday the sun was shinning. That hasn't happened in over a week and isn't expected to happen again for at least another week. Yay for New England.

My parents were baby sitting Molly yesterday and Andrew and I accompanied them to Castle Island so Molly could see all the planes and the boats. She loves the planes, but unfortunately the landing pattern yesterday wasn't taking them over Castle Island. Sometimes they are so low and so loud over there, you almost want to reach up and see if you can actually touch them. But that was not the case yesterday, so we settled for watching the boats. That was almost as good for Molly as the planes, so everything ended well.

Because it was the first and last sunny day around here, people were out walking around in droves. And we saw some stupid people. Here are some of the highlights:

- the copious amounts of people riding bikes without helmets. Not safe and, sorry, not cool. Even if you think you are both.

- the parents who let their kids ride their bikes without any supervision, weaving in and out of all the other pedestrians, which resulted in more than one person being knocked to the ground. That list includes one little boy who was knocked over by a girl who rode her tricycle right in front of him. Her father did tell her at one point not to laugh at the situation so I guess that's at least marginal parenting skills.

- the 4 shirtless men on the pier who were there for a day of fishing with 3 kids in tow. They had a cooler with them. They appeared very VERY drunk. And then we saw them drinking Goldschlager out of the bottle. EW. How drunk do you have to be to drink Goldschlager out of the bottle? When we left they were contemplating jumping off the pier. If you've never been to Castle Island, you probably won't understand that, but let me just say jumping off the pier into the very rocky edge of a very busy chanel that is an entrance/exit of Boston Harbor is one of the more brainless things they could have done that day.

- the woman who was rollerblading around Castle Island. Whilst carrying a child. Who had no protective gear on.

- the woman who was letting her child run around freely (remember there were 9 trillion people there yesterday) and then yelled at Andrew because the child literally ran into him. And you can believe I wouldn't pass up the opportunity to razz Andrew about running into a little kid if it was his fault. This time Andrew was walking straight and this kid ran into him from the side, so he couldn't even see the kid coming and get out of the way. Andrew stopped, made sure the kid was okay, and tried to then get out of the way of the kid. The mother then bitched at Andrew telling him to be careful. Umm... What? She's lucky she didn't say that to me, because I would have yelled back at her. I know that kids run around and you cannot keep them still. I wouldn't have blamed her for that. But to then yell at someone who's only crime was to be carrying ice cream back to a table? That bitch would have felt all the pent up fury of a 38 week preggo, who also just bitched out the lady who stepped inbetween me and my ice cream. Because she thought I wasn't moving fast enough. Because the 12 year old behind the counter HADN'T HANDED ME MY ICE CREAM YET, YOU CRAZY BITCH!. Hmmm... maybe this should have been 2 points :)

We actually did have an enjoyable time, but my god, the idiots were out in full force!

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