Sunday, May 10, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like....


It's beginning to look like something in here.... more like a Babies R Us exploded in here. And we're still missing some basic necessities! (like a bassinet.... and a crib mattress...) But everywhere you look in here, there's something baby related. Gone is my uncluttered house... probably until my youngest child moves out for good (although I never want to be pregnant again, so I'm working on Andrew agreeing that we'll be one and done. But somehow I don't see that happening!)

This is my one indulgence for baby related gear. Most of what we got is gender neutral in case we ever have a boy. But I love this swing, and Andrew really liked it too. So we paid more money than we should have and got a really pink swing. It also has netting that comes around it, kind of like a canopy. That's over the top girly though, and we don't have it on... for now. Winnie is enjoying his stay in the swing, I hope his feelings aren't hurt when he has to move.

Winnie and Eeyore swinging around on the mobile. Tigger and Piglet are up there with them. The wonderful thing about Tigger is that he is the only one :)

The Bucket o' Toys! Half of the toys in here, the baby can't even play with for awhile due to eyes and noses that clearly will result in certain death. There's a bunny and a Mr. Snuffleupagus in there that are safe... the rest will probably be put in the closet at some point in the near future

And the pile of crap. The pile on the left needs to go up to the attic. The pile on the right is the car seat and extra base that need to be installed by the police, or Fire Department, whoever does it in Canton. That's Andrew's job though. And if he doesn't do it, he can figure out how to get the baby home from the hospital.

Bouncy seat! That's my new favorite baby hardware apparatus. It's so light. Nothing else is light, but I could pick that up with one hand. I lurve it :)

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