Saturday, May 09, 2009

Cause end Effect

I took out the twitter updates from the side of my blog - it will no longer ask for your log in every time you come to the blog. I had to make my twitter followers private because I was getting spammed - if you want to follow my on Twitter, I'll still accept you, I just had to be able to weed out the spammers

I wish certain people in my life would learn the definition of "affect" and "effect". I'll admit, this one constantly gives me trouble, and quite often I have to look it up on to make sure I am using the correct word. But that is what is for - to look something up quickly when you are say..... writing a paper!! I will be done with these people for the rest of my life as of Monday night, so I'm just going to keep changing it back to "effect" from "affect" and hope they don't notice before we turn in the final draft. (It's cause and EFFECT people, cause and EFFECT!)

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