Thursday, April 09, 2009

You decide!

Andrew and I each have our own alarm clock next to our bed. I believe this is perfectly normal, as we each get up at different times. Also, I like to be able to see what time it is in the middle of the night. My parents each have their own alarm clock, so I've always believed this is perfectly normal. Andrew believes it's perfectly normal. However, some people think it's extremely bizarre. Those people think we should just have one alarm clock and who ever gets up first should just change the alarm to whatever time the 2nd person needs it set. Well, I ask you, what is the point of that? If 2 alarms are going to be set, what's wrong with each of us having our own clock? This way I don't have to remember to set his alarm after I get up, and in the middle of the night I don't have to climb over him to see what time it is (I have terrible vision and can barely see the clock next to my head, never mind next to Andrew).

So internet, I'm posing the question to you. Two alarm clocks, one for each person. Weird or normal?


The Accidental Blogger said...

Two alarm clocks is perfectly normal.

Bree said...

i can see it. ian can't actually sleep with a clock in the room, and sets his cell phone alarm but puts it across the room so he has to physically get up to turn it off. drives me insane. i also like knowing what time it is if i wake up in the middle of the night, but no such luck. as such, no clock in our room AT ALL.

Meghan said...

Bree, you are better wife than I am. Andrew hates having lights in the room too. He puts his clock face down so the light doesn't shine and he covers the cable box with a t-shirt. He always asks me to put my clock face down too because the light bothers him. What do I do? Put the clock on the "bright" setting and tell him I need to be able to see it in the middle of the night.

Yeah... I'm going to win some sort of wife of the year award for that one.

Andrew said...

No really, she's not kidding. I've seen her do it.

Yes, two is perfectly normal, and in fact I think the other way is bizarre. Forget the fact that alarm clocks usually come with two alarm settings, I completely understand needing to see the time and would be more annoyed by being a jungle gym in the middle of the night than having another clock shining light. (BTW, I don't like it when the clock isn't flipped over, but i CAN sleep with it like that. Ian is just a little strange. Well, we knew that already.)