Friday, April 10, 2009

Flame Free Friday Confessions

Not a whole lot to get off my chest this week.  That either means I'm a good person, or I lead a boring life.
* I don't feel like I have been pulling my weight on my group project at school.   I would do more, but I honestly think the other people in my group have a better handle of what is going on than I do.  I do what I am assigned to do, but I still feel like I am dead weight.  
* I didn't get anything done on my day off yesterday, but on Andrew's day off today he has plans of painting the baby's entire room.  And I asked him to do 2 other errands while he's home.  
* I secretly wish we could just pick up and leave New England sometimes and start over down in the little latitudes where the palm trees grow.  But I also know that about 2 weeks after getting there, I would cry and want to come home.   But I still dream about it.


The Accidental Blogger said...

My last girlfriend broke up with me and I'm still not over that.

Andrew said...

Cheese. Poop. Refrigerator.

I confess that I leave stupid comments and have a terrible (or lacking) sense of humor.

I'm far too tired after painting a room, putting a crib together, and going for a walk... yeah, its more than I do in a normal day, but really, I shouldn't be this tired.

I jury rigged a window screen to fit into a window it doesn't fit in. Actually, that's not a confession. That's more just mad props to me. And duct tape.