Sunday, April 05, 2009

Soul Food

The beginning of Spring is no picnic. You get your hopes up because it's no longer cold enough to snow, and the heavy winter coats can be put away, but it's not warm yet either. It's that chilly in between weather, usually accompanied by cold winds. This past week has been in the mid 40's. A good 10 degrees above freezing which is good, but also a good 20 degrees too cold. The past week we've also been blessed with grey overcast skies and rain. Rain for 5 days straight can mess with your head. It's put me into a depressed and sluggish slump, and I know the only cure for it is some sunshine.

Luckily, we are getting a 10 reprieve from the 40 degree weather and rain. Today is supposed to be in the low 50's with partly sunny skies. I'm hoping to get out for a walk to get my vitamin D intake for the month, but I also have about 78 hours of homework to do, so we'll see.

The rainy chilly weather has also left me desperate to get to the cape. Not that the weather will be any better down there - in fact it will be worse, but something inside me needs to go. I think Andrew has been wanting to go too. We've been trying to plan out a Sunday where we can go down to Betsey's for breakfast Unfortunately today Andrew has class and I have homework, next Sunday is Easter, and the Sunday after that we will be in Niagara Falls, CA (if I ever get proper documentation proving I am a US citizen!). So for the foreseeable future, I have no time. I'll make it down there eventually though... I may a limpid, lethargic, lump of goo by the time I make it over the bridge - but I'll get there.

And then I'll have a kid and my time will be limited again. Oh yay.

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