Saturday, April 04, 2009


There is a good possibility that I might smack the next person who tells me how much my life is going to change once the baby comes, how I will never get any sleep, or how I'll be broke and tired for the next 20 years. I get it. I don't live in a bubble. I understand babies change things. Shut. The. Eff. Up.

But now I think even whatever Higher Being you believe in has jumped on the "let's tell Meghan about the lack of sleep coming her way" bandwagon because last night was terrible. The 3rd trimester has brought back my fatigue, so I was in bed by 10 on a Friday night. But a few hours later, I was awake and in the bathroom so I could throw up. What? Didn't that whole morning sickness thing end like 10 weeks ago? Oh, joke's on me! Because my head was in the toilet. I felt like I had played a few too many games of Beirut, and yet I haven't had a been in 7 months. Then, when I made my way back to my bed and finally fell asleep (which was hard to do, since I was having hot flashes) I woke up with another charlie horse. My god, are those things painful. And unlike the rest of the pregnant population, I seem to get them when I have too much water, not when I don't have enough. So I was back up rubbing the pain out of my leg. That's when I began to thought that the universe was playing some sort of cosmic joke on me.

I get it. Lack of sleep. You can stop the joke now. Ha ha ha, funny.

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