Wednesday, February 25, 2009

If I was a rich girl

I find it difficult to live in New England in the end of the winter. It's these last few weeks of winter that are tough. The last stretch, when you know Spring will be here soon, but first you have to get through just a few more weeks of cold weather, is really trying on my soul. Especially because my soul is supposed to live down by the little latitudes :)

I tried one last time to get to Florida during spring break - a feat I have never been able to accomplish. The furthest away I've ever gone on a spring break is Toronto, and we ended up in the middle of a blizzard. I put a lot of time and effort into getting to Key West, since I've never been there. But apparently, Key West has moved. Or with the price they are charging to fly there, the airlines must no longer think it's off the Florida coast. Apparently they think it's next to Australia. Then I directed my efforts to Ft. Myers - after all, my grandmother is there and we wouldn't need to get a hotel! But thanks to Andrew's school schedule we're restricted on the days we could be down there and the trip would have been over a thousand dollars for 2.5 days. And that wasn't including food and recreational activities. Alright... no more Florida.
And as it turns out, I can't take the days off that I thought I could, due to in irritating deposition being scheduled in quite an inconvenient manner.

We're now looking at the possibility of going to Niagra Falls in the middle of April. Nothing is definite, but as we can't afford to fly anywhere and we've done EVERYTHING within driving distance, at least once. So we're stretching the definition of "driving distance" to mean 7.5 hours. Eeek. But like I said, not definite yet. It would be nice to get away even for just a night or two before the baby comes. I fear the next opportunity we'll have is Family Vacation 2010 down on the Outer Banks of NC. Which to be honest, I don't think we will be able to afford either.

And all I wanted to do was see a beach that wasn't covered in 3 feet of snow and ice!


Matt said...

DC is about 8 hours drive as well (or a fairly cheap flight) and we have no snow, promise.

Meghan said...

too bad I was just in DC!