Sunday, March 01, 2009

lousy Smarch weather!

We are supposed to get up to 15 inches of snow by tomorrow at 5pm. I am praying to every deity that I can think of that UMass Boston will cancel all classes tomorrow. This is my 4th winter at UMB, and I have never had a snow day. Fate has never brought a snow storm on the same day I have had class. Tomorrow is probably my last shot at a snow day, and I'm hoping against hope that it will happen. I'm already checking the UMB website every 10 minutes - nothing yet. Come on UMB! Do something for me before I graduate! Unfortunately, the storm is supposed to completely gone by 5pm tonight and night classes don't start until 6pm, so I don't think my chances are that good. But that will not stop me from checking every 10 minutes until I leave work tomorrow.

Apparently March is coming in like a lion, so I really hope it goes out like a lamb. I am so not feeling any more snow. Right now I'm only tolerating the storm because there is a small chance of cancelled classes tomorrow. Other than that small chance of a school free week, snow does nothing for me in March. I'm so done. so. done.

In other news, I have 16 weeks left in this pregnancy. Where does the time go?

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