Wednesday, February 11, 2009

21 weeks

I am more than halfway through the pregnancy, if this girl cooperates and makes her arrival right around 40 weeks! It feels good to be halfway through - and this is probably because I'm smack in the middle of the second trimester. The "I feel like a truck ran over me" period, otherwise knows as the first trimester is but a distant memory, I can still move around with relative ease, and the panic hasn't set in. I'm golden.

I'm pretty lucky that two of my friends are also pregnant right now. One is due a week after me with her second child, and the other is due in early fall with her first. Unfortunately, the latter is still feeling like a truck ran over her, being stuck in 1T, but I'm sure she start to feel like a human again someday soon. I love having people in my life who are going through pregnancy with me. Today at lunch I took off with one of them and we perused Babies R Us for bedding (check out my registry and tell me how cute my bedding is!) and then wandered to Bed Bath and Beyond for some baking appliances. I love that I have friends that will do that with me.

So life is good right now. I'm fatter than ever and it's only going to get worse, but I went on a maternity shopping spree a few weeks ago and I'm set for right now.

In other news, Ian is returning to everyone's favorite country tomorrow (okay, well I know he departs SoCal tomorrow, when he actually arrives to his final destination is another story), so keep an eye on his blog, there could be some interesting stories! Good luck Cpt. Brown - Semper Fi!

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