Sunday, February 08, 2009

learned my lesson

If you've been reading my Tweets or following me on Facebook, you already know my annoyance about being screwed by a seller on Amazon. I'm 90% furious at the seller, and 10% annoyed with myself.

It all started on my first day of class, on January 26. I learned I HAD to have a text book, and soon. So that night, I went straight home, logged onto Amazon, found many of the books for sale, and bought one. Andrew always tells me to never buy a book from anyone with less than a 97% rating, but this guy had an 87% rating. I hemmed and hawed over this, but then I did it anyway. 87% is still good, right? I mean an 87 is a B+. B+'s are fine.

Guess I was proven wrong - although Amazon already has my money, I don't have the book, and it's been 10 days. Amazon requires its sellers to ship the book within 2 days of placing the order. I know this because we also sell books on Amazon and no matter what, we get them out within 2 days of getting the order. However, this particular seller decided to never ship the book. I still have to wait another week, per Amazon rules, to try to do anything about it. Andrew doesn't think we can do anything about it, because it is a 3rd party seller. Fantastic.

So yesterday, I had to go to the bookstore and buy a new book. I've already missed one assignment because I didn't have the book, and I couldn't wait any longer. I've bought every text book I have ever needed for grad school off Amazon and I've never run into such a terrible seller. Figures the last semester of school is the one that I get screwed.

Do yourself a favor - don't buy anything from the seller "sbd-" on Amazon. You'll regret it if you do.

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